EVERYDAY MIRACLES: Tales of Life Beyond Life

Reverend Rega, a hospice chaplain and spiritual midwife, sits in vigil with people about to cross the “great divide” into the next level of existence. In this sacred space, her dying patients and their grieving families and friends have shared their most profound experiences.

She offers inspirational stories—all true—telling of departed souls who comfort their loved ones, of angels and spiritual guides who impart wisdom and wit, and who lovingly teach and tease those who reach out to them. These soul-to-soul communications, encouraging personal transformation and a deeper understanding of the soul’s journey, illustrate the divine wit that infuses those who have passed on.

These life beyond life tales are about ordinary people who’ve heard and seen their loved ones, inhaled their distinctive perfumes, and received information from dreams and waking visions. Rega’s own stories are included in the collection, since she, too, has had extraordinary experiences. The humor is often downright heavenly!